GENIE Center

GENIE center for Global Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The GENIE Center for Global Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship is an extension of Niels Brock International's American Bachelor of Science Program.

The GENIE Center welcomes the presentation, review and critique of all perspectives on a variety of topics related to global education, innovation and entrepreneurship.

GENIE may stand for "Global Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship" - true, but its acronym, "GENIE", is also meaningful. From the classical world, the "Genie" is a tutelary or teaching spirit, one that shares information and ideas, and even grants wishes. The GENIE Center seeks to fulfill the wishes and expectations of our students, staff, faculties both in Copenhagen and around the world for more knowledge and insight about Global Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The mission of the GENIE Center is to promote:

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Sustainable innovation
  • Onsite and online education
  • Student entrepreneurship days
  • Applied research and publication
  • Government and industry concultancy


To receive Center publications or to contribute to the research, editorial and project work of the Center, please contact:

Sharon Pedersen

Director of the GENIE Center
Niels Brock International
Nørre Voldgade 34
1358 Copenhagen K.