GENIE center for Global Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The GENIE Center for Global Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship is an extension of Niels Brock International's American Bachelor of Science Program.

The GENIE Center welcomes the presentation, review and critique of all perspectives on a variety of topics related to global education, innovation and entrepreneurship.

GENIE may stand for "Global Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship" - true, but its acronym, "GENIE", is also meaningful. From the classical world, the "Genie" is a tutelary or teaching spirit, one that shares information and ideas, and even grants wishes. The GENIE Center seeks to fulfill the wishes and expectations of our students, staff, faculties both in Copenhagen and around the world for more knowledge and insight about Global Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

The mission of the GENIE Center is to promote:

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Sustainable innovation
  • Onsite and online education
  • Student entrepreneurship days
  • Applied research and publication
  • Government and industry concultancy

Upcoming Events

On the Verge of Technology - Big Data, Spreadsheets and Smart Management

Join us on December 19th for the third bi-annual GENIE Center seminar.

The 2016 Fall Seminar will focus on technology, strategy and value creation.

René H. Bøtker will enquire into the philosophical foundations of Big Data and discuss the problems and strategic possibilities that exist in the current Big Data paradigm. For more info on the talk, you can find his abstract here.

If All You Have Is a Spreadsheet... Sharon B. Pedersen will give a talk on the strategic capacity and unintended consequences of spreadsheets as the go-to quantitative analytic tool. For more info on the talk, you can find her abstract here.

Sabrina Abdullah will close the seminar with insights into smart management and value creation as a result of leadership and technology integration. For more info on the talk, you can find her abstract here.

Coffee and reception will be at 16:15 with presentations at 16:30

Niels Brock Executive
Fiolstræde 44, 2nd floor
1171 København K


Peter Nordgaard: Parting the water - a fairytale from the life of a CFO in times of disruption


To receive Center publications or to contribute to the research, editorial, and project work of the Center, please contact:

René Holmbjerg Bøtker

Director of the GENIE Center
Niels Brock International
Nørre Voldgade 34
1358 Copenhagen K.