About Niels Brock

Welcome to Niels Brock - One of Denmark's largest educational institutions serving more than 15,000 students and course participants within the country, and in China.

Niels Brock has over 130 years of experience delivering business and commerce education. We have built a solid network within the Danish business community - a community that knows us as well as we know them.

Even though we have a great deal of experience, a long history and a strong network, we refuse to let up or run on routine. Therefore, we do everything in our power to continue developing and always strive to incorporate the latest knowledge and technologies in our educational methods.

Diversity Statement

At Niels Brock, we aim to create a climate for intellectual and scholarly growth. Diversity and inclusion are the keys to ensuring that we offer a business education of the highest caliber. Our mission is to engage the college in a vibrant exchange of ideas which thrives on a multitude of backgrounds, experiences, perspectives and viewpoints being represented. Our aim is to have no more than 25% of one country represented in each cohort, truly emphasizing the diversity that we strive for.

To these ends, we actively pursue the following goals: 

  • Create a campus community that is broadly accessible to individuals of diverse backgrounds, experiences and aspirations. 
  • Foster an intellectual and social climate that is inclusive and respectful of human dignity. We encourage activities, gatherings, and conversations in which individuals from all walks of life are able and eager to fully participate. 
  • Promote full engagement in courses, programs and projects. We will provide resources and space for distinctive projects that further our diversity goals and our shared interests and ideals. 

At Niels Brock we are ambitiously and constantly dedicated to developing and offering relevant education programs.

Niels Brock is named after one of the greatest Danish merchants of all time. 

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