Honorary Fellows network

Mission and vision

The Honorary Fellow is a student who during either his/her Highschool or College years at Niels Brock has achieved outstanding results either in his/her academic career, or has exhibited notable participation in social school activities, or in general is in a meritorious development and deserves acknowledgement. A fellow is part of an elite group of learned people who work together as peers in the pursuit of knowledge or practice.

Each year since 2007 Niels Brock has appointed five students to be Honorary Fellows from each education at the school. Niels Brock Fellows are offered a networking opportunity between other Fellow members and former students from Niels Brock who have achieved success in the business world. Four times a year all Honorary Fellows are invited to meetings, where a guest speaker gives a talk about their work and share their knowledge about the business world. The networking opportunities are also a primary focus at these meetings.

Members of the Honorary Fellows network 

  • Tue Nissen Olsen
  • Minna Bregendahl
  • Sebastian F. R. Storm
  • David Sandberg Larsen
  • Preben S. Rasmussen
  • Lars Petersen
  • Jack Dige Streit
  • Stefanie Joy Irene Hansen
  • Simon Sasha Toubro-Nielsen
  • Karina Wilhelm
  • Martin Ottesen
  • Maria Lopez Juhl
  • Therese Bach
  • Tatevik Revazian
  • Nikolaj Rahbech Levy
  • Niels Kjær
  • Nicklas Steffen Kany
  • Mads Overmark Jensen
  • Barno Jensen
  • Ginnie Maya Amor Filstrup
  • Daniel Brinkmann Sørensen
  • Ahmad Fawzi Bibi
  • Roar Barsballe
  • Camilla Ask
  • Ivan Corda
  • Nina Winther Jensen

The Honorary Fellows network is now on LinkedIn.

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