Niels Brock History

Niels Brock – A World of Education

Niels Brock has 130 years of experience in tailoring all types of educational products to fit the needs of the business world.

We have built a solid network within the Danish business community – a community that knows us as well as we know it. However, even though we have a great deal of experience, history and a strong network, we refuse to let up or run on routine. Therefore, we do everything in our power to continue developing, and we always strive to incorporate the latest knowledge and technologies in our educational methods.

Niels Brock – The Start of Danish Business Education 

Niels Brock is named after one of the greatest Danish merchants of all time. Niels Brock himself was known as a humble and honest tradesman who created a very successful business through trading and exporting clothing fabrics and processed foods to countries such as Norway, Sweden, Poland and Russia.

Niels Brocks was born in 1731 and passed away in 1802, leaving a sizeable amount of his great estate for the purpose of establishing a school of commerce that would provide education for young self-made businessmen.

Niels Brock's business college was established in 1881 and quickly became a well-respected institution of higher education. It is the oldest business college in Denmark and was the beginning of the Danish business education movement. 

How we make a difference

Our modern institution has a lot more in common with the old merchant and its namesake than one would think. What drove the old merchant were strong values and a passion for trade. He understood the significance of education both for the individual, and for society as a whole, and he had a strong international mindset. 

Today, educating skilled and honest businessmen and –women home and abroad is the paramount objective of our institution.

  • We understand the importance of holding on to the good old values, and although Niels Brock develops constantly, we still hold the old merchant as an important role model for the modern institution.

  • We are proud of our history and we know that with the name Niels Brock comes great responsibility.

  • We behave properly in all relations. We are the preferred school of the corporate world, and we are professional. We are global and enterprising.

At Niels Brock we adhere to the rules and norms of society and conduct ourselves with respect for natural resources and sustainability. We take the massive responsibility of dealing with and shaping young people very seriously. 

As the preferred school of the business world, Niels Brock listens to the educational needs of the companies and of society. We acknowledge our social responsibility and do our upmost to meet the rising demand for vocational skills.

The name Niels Brock is associated with innovation and pioneering – a label we constantly seek to live up to as a business school by being on the forefront on so many levels.