Practical Information

Practical Information

Practical information for students at Niels Brock. Find contact information and learn more about Niels Brock's library and IT-policy.


The American Bachelor in Copenhagen and Asia

Claus Villumsen
Executive Vice President

Sharon Pedersen
Dean of Academic Affairs

Nicole Wittenborg
Recruitment Officer

Malene B. Linares
Office assistant

Marsha Christel Spliid
Office Assistant

De Montfort University/ISTEC/Summer School

Lars Askholm
Dean, Niels Brock International; Executive Vice-President

Kathrine Lassen
Programme Manager, BA (Hons) Business Administration

Charlotte Forsberg
Programme Manager, MSc in International Business; APO Officer, DMU programmes

Raquel López
Programme Manager, Graduate Certificate in International Business


Xia Wang
Programme Administrator

Helle Karberg Thomson
Programme Administrator

Francesca Vezzola
Programme Administrator

Annelie Zuber
Admission Officer



The Niels Brock Library

Niels Brock´s Library is located at Julius Thomsens Plads 10, 5th floor.

The library specializes in materials used in the commercial courses. The library contains various handbooks, encyclopaedia, newspapers, CD-Roms, academic literature, Danish and foreign periodicals, and a small selection of fiction. All employees, students and participants in a course at Niels Brock may use the library.

The library has access to the Internet and thus the catalogues of other libraries.

Suggestions, comments, and good ideas can be mailed directly to Stine Randklev, the librarian at Niels Brock.

Niels Brock, The Library
Julius Thomsens Plads 6, 5th floor
1925 Frederiksberg C.
Tel: 33 41 93 41                

Niels Brock's IT-policy

Learn more about Niels Brock's IT-policy.

Read the policy here