4-year American BSc in Business Administration

The Niels Brock American BSc in Business Administration is career-oriented and based on strong ties to trade and industry and to the international market place.

In many ways this program may be compared to the professional bachelor’s degrees offered in Denmark and abroad, however with a broad general education and business economics base and contrary to the normal Danish professional bachelor’s degrees there are no obligatory periods of work placement/internships in the program.

However, it is recommended to perform the final-semester course called “Independent Study” in cooperation with an enterprise. Likewise, all business-related courses have practice-oriented elements.

We thus combine business education with a broad-based liberal arts foundation to provide students with the skills and expertise necessary to advance in today's dynamic business environment. The program emphasizes global perspectives, fosters a sense of social responsibility, and develops leadership skills – all while offering the student flexibility to pursue their individual interests.

Options during the final 2 years

The 4-year American BSc in Business Administration is a broad career-oriented international business economics program based on strong ties to the international market place – with the option of choosing a concentration in the final 2 years in either finance or marketing.

Finance Concentration

The purpose of the Finance Concentration is to educate graduates who can understand practice and are able to apply theories and methodologies within international business and finance and who can perform advisory and administrative functions including customer-oriented tasks in the specific financial market place as well as in the finance departments of enterprises.

Marketing Concentration

The purpose of the Marketing Concentration is to educate graduates who can understand practice and are able to apply theories and methodologies within international business and marketing and who can independently and professionally perform duties related to international business and marketing in the international market place.


  • Leads to a recognized US diploma in Business Administration
  • Gives you the skills you need for tomorrow’s jobs
  • Is strongly career-oriented
  • Provides close contact between teachers and students
  • Applies Danish pedagogical methods
  • Is delivered in Copenhagen with easy access to public transportation, libraries etc.
  • Offers an attractive and very safe urban setting

Applications are still open for our September 2017 Intake for Danish Residents ONLY

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Program Structure

The program consists of:

  • Core business and general education subjects which are mainly studied  during the first two years
  • A Finance or a Marketing concentration in combination with electives comprising the bulk of a student’s third and fourth year

Please note that strong elements of practice are embedded in all business-related courses.

Prior to commencing their concentration in Finance or Marketing, students must:

  • Successfully pass the first two years, or
  • Meet Niels Brock BSc credit transfer requirements

Download the Program Structure sheet (pdf format).


Our Business Administration students may choose a concentration in either Finance or Marketing, when they have completed their core curriculum.  For more information, see our Program Structure tab.  A full description of all courses, including the general education course work can be found in our Catalog.


Finance Concentration:

Marketing Concentration:

  • Financial Products and Services
  • Financial Modeling
  • Counseling and Sales
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Financial Econometric Modeling
  • Venture Capital and Private Equity
  • Advanced Financial Management
  • Experience Economy
  • Business to Business Marketing 
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Developing the Sales Base 
  • Innovation 
  • Marketing Instruments
  • Buying Behavior




Please find a brief description of the courses of the American BSc program here.


Applications and Admission

Basic Admission Requirements:

In order to be accepted into the program, students must possess a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent.

Foreign transcripts will be assessed individually by the Niels Brock enrollment officers with the assistance of approved credit evaluation service agencies.

Other Requirements

Math: Applicants must also have high level in mathematics (corresponding to level B in Denmark)

English: High level of fluency (IELTS 6.0 or higher)

Equivalent, well-known and accepted language tests may be considered, please inquire. The test cannot be more than 2 years old.

Native speakers of English are exempt. This only includes applicants from USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain, Scotland or Ireland.


Transfer of credits may be given to students who have already completed equivalent courses prior to starting the BSc program. Such courses will be assessed individually by the Niels Brock enrollment officers/academic advisers. Successfully completed Niels Brock BSc coursework taken at one of our campuses abroad transfers automatically.

September 2017 Intake

The application form, a copy of your passport, your English language test results and any other relevant documents must be uploaded using the online application form before March 1, 2017. Applications sent by email will not be assessed.

Please note that we will only accept approx. 125 students to the program.

The applications for the American Bachelor of Science Program will be processed within 30 days of the application date and you will receive a letter of acceptance or rejection by March 17, 2017.

  1. The payment deadline for applicants who do not reside in Denmark is March 31st, 2017— at the very latest—in order to complete an application for a residence and work permit (form ST1) in a timely manner.
  2. The payment deadline for applicants who reside in Denmark is April 15th, 2017 at the very latest.

If we accept you to the program, you can expect to receive an ST1 form before May 1, 2017. Please note that ST1 forms will only be issued after the payment deadline.

The expected start date for the September 2017 Intake is September 11, 2017.

Student Contract, September (Fall) 2017.

Student Contract, January (Spring) 2017.

Prices and Payment

Prices and conditions applying to students admitted to the Niels Brock BSc in Business Administration, with a study start of September 2017.

The tuition fee per year is DKK 87,000/EUR 11,600. This fee applies to all nationalities. Please see the tuition fee semester installments in the following.

International students who have paid DKK 56,550/EUR 7,540 for the first semester but fail to be granted a student residence permit for Denmark will receive a refund, less an administration fee of DKK 2,000.

The semester fees will not be refunded in case the student withdraws for other reasons than the above. Books are included in the fee but students must bring their own computer.

September 2017 Intake

Tuition Fee EUR                  Tuition Fee DKK                 
First YearEUR 11,600DKK 87,000
Second YearEUR 11,600DKK 87,000
Third YearEUR 11,600DKK 87,000
Fourth YearEUR 11,600DKK 87,000
TOTAL:EUR 46,400*DKK 348,000
*approx. based on current exchange rate (9/2016)


Tuition Payment Schedule, September 2017 Intake

Tuition Payment Schedule, January 2017 Intake  

Tuition Payment Schedule, September 2016 Intake

Tuition Payment Schedule, January 2016 Intake

Tuition Payment Schedule, September 2015 Intake



Academic Calendar


Fall semester (September)

In the fall semester, courses will commence mid-September and finish early December after which the students will attend their final exams. The detailed plan will be decided upon in cooperation between the program management and faculty.

Spring semester (January)

For the spring semester, all courses will commence in week 6. All exams for the spring semester will take place from week 22.

Advisory Board

In connection with the development and sustainability of the American Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Niels Brock has established an Advisory Board. The idea behind such a Board is to give stakeholders a voice in the continued development of the BSc.

In order to ensure a relevant educational program that meets the demands for a BSc, Niels Brock wishes to be challenged, assessed and inspired by relevant experts and stakeholders during the design and development of the BSc as well as during the delivery of the program.

Another important reason for setting up an Advisory Board is to ensure an ongoing dialogue with representatives of employers, as well as with academia.

Niels Brock considers the below to be the main tasks for the Advisory Board:

  • To contribute with future visions as to labor market developments and point to changes in competence requirements for current and future graduates
  • To contribute with recommendations for the overall contents of the program within the given framework
    The advisory board will typically meet once per semester.

List of advisory board members:

Knud-Henning Andersen 

Freelance Consultant, former Vice-President of the Danish Bankers' Association

Martin Hagen Ødum

Partner & Director Hertz & Ødum A/S

Michael Vig Larsen

Produktchef Fullrate

Ernst Lykke Nielsen

Administrative Director at Bording Data A/S

Jane Isbach

Salgs- og marketingchef, Mandag Morgen

Simon Holmen Reventlow Clemmensen

Specialkonsulent, AAU-Cph

Birgitte Faber

Head of communication, Copenhagen University Law faculty

Practical Information


Before arriving in Denmark, all non-EU citizens must apply for a Danish residence permit. Please note that this can be a long process (expect it to be a least 3 months), so apply well in advance. Within one week of receipt of your first semester fee, you will be sent an institutionally signed ST1 Residence Permit application form, which you will need for your application. 

You may find additional information about application requirements and the application process at New to Denmark - the official portal for foreigners.



Download information about accommodation in Copenhagen



When you arrive in Denmark, you need to register your Danish address with the municipality in order to get a Danish social security number (CPR number) and a yellow health card. According to Danish Law you have to do this within 5 days of your arrival in Denmark.

You use your CPR number for most official purposes, such as dealing with public or health authorities, opening a bank account or mobile phone account and using the public libraries. Once you have registered, you will be entitled to free emergency medical treatment at your general practitioner and in public hospitals.

You can find additional information about CPR number registration and requirements at International House Copenhagen.

You can register for a CPR number at 
International Citizen Service East
Address: Gyldenløvesgade 11, 1600 Copenhagen



As a students at Niels Brock, you will use a variety of IT platforms. You can find further information about these platforms, printing, wi-fi and student cards here

Agent Information

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Agent for Niels Brock, please contact agentrecruitment@brock.dk

Agents Information

Jobs and Further Education

Emphasizing a generalist and career-oriented approach to management education, the BSc program trains students to become well-rounded employees and middle managers who can analyze problems and propose workable solutions.

As to further education, students who successfully complete our BSc will be given direct access to the Master of Science in Business Administration delivered at Niels Brock in Copenhagen and the same Master program delivered at De Montfort University in Leicester, UK.

Graduates may also apply to one of the many Master programs within business studies offered at other Danish and foreign universities.

Enrolment will depend on the specific enrolment requirements of the receiving university in question.

Apply for all 4 years of the American BSc - Finance

PERIODEN ER: 11-09-2017 TIL 25-06-2021

If you have a Danish CPR (social security number) then please write your full Danish CPR in stead.

Are you using an agent?


It could be TOEFL, IELTS or similar test

If more than one PDF then join them to a single PDF or make zipped file containing all dcuments in one

Apply for all 4 years of the American BSc - Marketing

PERIODEN ER: 11-09-2017 TIL 25-06-2021

If you have a Danish CPR (social security number) then please write your full Danish CPR in stead.

Are you using an agent?


It could be TOEFL, IELTS or similar test

If more than one PDF then join them to a single PDF or make zipped file containing all dcuments in one


  • Office address:
    Niels Brock International
    Nørre Voldgade 34, room T-408
    1358 Copenhagen K

  • See Receptionist on the ground floor for further directions to your appointment.