Studying in Copenhagen

Studying at Niels Brock

Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College was founded in 1881 and is today the largest Business College in Denmark.

The courses offered to international students have been carefully designed and developed to turn out graduates who are not only knowledgeable, critical and creative but who are also employable and responsible. In addition, all the courses offered provide the student with an opportunity to progress to a higher level of educational qualification both here in Denmark as well as in other countries around the world.

It is hoped that from this presentation you will get a flavour of the life experience waiting for you in Denmark and a brief overview of the educational programmes on offer to you. All the programmes contained on these pages are delivered in the English language and are truly international. 

Facilities at Niels Brock

Niels Brock offers many facilities.


The canteen is located at Nørre Voldgade 34 on the first floor. It offers a variety of food such as sandwiches, a hot dish of the day, a salad bar, snacks, sweets, drinks, etc.

Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday 7:45-14:30 and Fridays 7.45-14:00.

Meeting rooms 

If you would like to book a meeting room for group work, contact the International Office.


The library specialises in materials about business and marketing.It contains various handbooks, encyclopaedias, newspapers, academic literature, Danish and foreign periodicals, and a small selection of fiction. It has got access to the Internet and thus the catalogues of other libraries.

The International Library
Nørrevoldgade 34, Room T-116
Tel: 23 21 46 94                

Opening hours:
Mondays: 10 – 1 & 2 – 5pm
Tuesdays: 10 – 1pm
Wednesdays: Closed
Thursdays: 2 – 5pm
Fridays: Closed

Suggestions, comments, and good ideas can be mailed directly to Gaby Lewin, the librarian at Niels Brock International.

Internet and print/copy facilities

Wireless Internet access

Wireless Internet connections are provided at Nørre Voldgade so that students can access the web from their laptops and smartphones.

Photocopiers and printers are located on every floor of the T-building allowing students to print, copy and scan documents. It is also possible to print directly from the students' laptops.

Accommodation in Copenhagen

Important advice

  • Please note that the housing situation in Copenhagen is very difficult and it takes some time and effort to secure your accommodation.
  • We advise you to budget with a rent from DKK 3.500 to DKK 4.500 per month depending on location and standard.
  • A deposit is required from most landlords and is normally 1 month's rent for a room and 3 months rent for an apartment.
  • Please be aware of scams and be wary of deals that are "too good to be true".
  • Watch out for landlords/owners who are out of the country, travelling or cannot meet you personally.
  • If possible, check out the room or apartment personally. You can also check with a Niels Brock Buddy whether they can help you check the room. Use the Facebook forum created for your semester. You must at least have someone check that the apartment actually exists.
  • You should never send money via Western Union or other private money transfer institutions. Use only authorised banks for transferring money and ask the landlord to send identification details – e.g. a copy of a passport.
  • You should always sign a contract with your landlord. Study the contract carefully and be sure to check deadlines for how to give notice.

Suggestions to where you can look for accommodation:

1. Hedorfs Kollegium, Preben Kaas Vænge 5R, 2000 Frederiksberg. Ready for occupation as of October.
Apply here

2. For temporary accommodation, it is possible to book a room at a youth hostel in central Copenhagen (approx. 20 Euro per night in a shared room). Check Danhostel or Generator Hostel.

Go here for a room at a Bed & Breakfast or here for at cheap hotel room.

3. These websites with accommodation possibilities are in English:

+ FB pages:

4. These websites are in Danish but may still be helpful. Please use the dictionary to check out the rental offers and ask the International Office if you need help with the Danish language.

Life in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is one of the oldest and loveliest capitals of the world and the largest city in Scandinavia. It has a population of 1.5 million and is the capital of the world's oldest kingdom.

The architecture reflects the medieval origin and the city combines Old World charm with the life of a European metropolis. Among the joys of the city is its cleanliness and relative lack of traffic as most of the city centre is for pedestrians only.

Living with the Danes you will soon encounter the ancient cult of "hygge" which is almost impossible to translate fully but is a special feeling of warmth and cosiness with good food and drink added! Copenhageners are generally friendly, helpful and most of them speak English. Interacting with Danes is generally enjoyed in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

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Arriving in Denmark

'New to Denmark' is the official portal for foreigners. Here's everything you need to know: 


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Sport facilities

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