The VET Basic Program

The VET Basic Program

The basic programme is the first of two steps in the Vocational Education and Training (VET). At Niels Brock, the basic programme is based on academic studies at school that will prepare the student for a trainee position in a relevant company, which will be the focus of the second part of the VET programme, the main programme. Niels Brock offers three primary VET profiles for students who have completed compulsory education, as well as compromised programmes for students that fit certain profiles.

Office Administration Profile

Office Administration is a profile for students that wish to work in an office-related environment in either a private or public organisation. Niels Brock offers a complete Office Administration VET Programme with both the two-year basic programme and the two-year main programme. Students also have great possibilities to further their studies after the completing the entire four-year education.

Retail Profile

Retail is a profile designed for students that want to work in sales or perhaps wish to open up and run their own store. The academic studies closely relate to those job tasks that exist in real-life businesses. Niels Brock offers the complete four-year VET Retail Programme – which includes the two-year basic studies and the two-year main programme with the obligatory internship.

Entrepreneurship Profile

The Entrepreneurship profile is tailored for students that want to learn how to start their own company. After the initial two-year basic programme, entrepreneurship students can of course continue their studies at Niels Brock. While there is no Entrepreneurship Profile at the main programme level, students can choose freely between one of the three main programme profiles, thereby completing the four-year VET education.

Compromised VET Programmes

Niels Brock also offers compromised VET programmes for adults over 25 years of age, students who have already graduated from an Upper Secondary Education, as well as a programme focusing on the trainee aspect of the VET education.