The VET Main Program

The VET Main Program

The main programme of the VET education is for students who have either completed the basic VET programme or have completed their Higher Commercial Course studies. The main programme combines academic studies at school with a paid trainee position at a company. The trainee position is an important part of the VET programme, and offers an opportunity for students to get valuable working experience at a relevant business. Under normal circumstances the main programme will take two years to complete. Niels Brock currently offers three specific main programme study profiles.

Office Administration Profile

The Office Administration Profile prepares students for either higher education or a job as an office assistant immediately upon graduating. Students opting for this particular profile can choose to specialise in one of the following four areas: Administration, Public Administration, Economics, and Health and Service Secretary.

Retail Profile

Students on the Retail Profile can choose to specialise in either Textiles or Optics, or choose to study general retail and sales with no specialised profile. The Retail Profile prepares students for immediate employment as a sales assistant, as well as the possibility to continue their studies at the higher education level.

Health and Service Secretary Profile

A Health and Service Secretary serves customers, clients and patients at health clinics and at hospitals. This particular profile takes up to a year and a half to complete depending upon a student's individual academic background. As is the case with the other main programme profiles, much of the Health and Service Secretary Programme is based on the trainee position at a relevant work place.